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My beautiful flowers from Han are starting to come out

Ben and Jerry’s vegan chocolate ice cream

Everybody’s reactions to their advent calendars. I’m so glad I made them

Me, James and Rose reading the advent calendar jokes. And them both liking my sushi joke so much they both text it to their friends.
Delicious Japanese food from Tokyo Diner. And I didn’t eat meat!

Walking through Chinatown. I still love it.

My Tudor joke in the advent calendar.

All the red wine with Corinne.

The accidental but totally delicious drunken McDonald’s after all the wine. 


A very wrapped up agent calendar from my parents.
An evening with Holly. I told her I was raped 9 years ago. It felt really empowering to talk about it, after this all this time.
Jonny got bitmoji and it is everything.


The Christmas smell

Watching my boyfriend struggle with the past few days of advent calendar clues

Seeing a small dog get scared by a big teddy in a shop window.

Image: vir4l


This mornings advent calendar clue was a funny one. And I was awake and up to see him read it. (The chocolate was hidden behind the TV incase you’re wondering)

I know it’s bad but I was happy when the new friend I was meeting this evening cancelled.

Doing a bit of shoulder dancing whilst walking down the street after work before I realised where I was. And then not caring the slightest bit anyway.


Having my boyfriend discover the treasure hunt advent calendar. And liking it.

Him buying me a surprise lemon meringue tart.

The swish with two friends that have lots of clothes that I want. And I now have several of them.


Something I wrote at work for a big American website went down really well. Here and there.

Setting up the surprise advent calendar for my boyfriend. Each day has a treasure hunt clue leading to a chocolate. Because I know how much he loves treasure hunts.

A lovely, pleasantly drunken night out with everyone we used to live with, celebrating a friends birthday.