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The half a slice of cake with a cup of tea after lunch. That was nice.
Staying home. Rather than making myself go in. That was the right decision.

Booking a weekend away. This weekend. I need a break. 


Steam cleaning. My first time. And so much to steam.
Spur of the moment trip into the charity shop by my house and I walked out with four new tops for £13.50. So happy.
Fancy afternoon tea (for dinner) with Al. So much sugar.


Cuddles with my boyfriend’s 7 month old nephew

Manchego cheese at afternoon tea

Gossiping and in jokes with the in-laws


scones afternoon tea

Having my boyfriend at home with me today (and distracting me from work)

The scones he made for lunch time desert (what, that’s a thing)

The evening. Every bit of it. The dinner, the drinks, the conversation, the soundtrack. Everything. Just perfect. I love him.

afternoon tea waldolf hotel

Prosecco induced giggling at our posh afternoon tea in the Waldolf Hotel.

Walking past that brilliant jazz busking band on Hungerford Bridge. They will never not make me smile.

Having my boyfriend finish work waaaay earlier than we thought. Hurrah, not another night alone clutching the torch and having nightmares about intruders.