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The ridiculous obstacle course for Rosie’s hen. Watching the giants fall over was particularly funny.

Going back to Jana’s for some quiet. And some olive bread under the palm tree.

Lots of free alcohol. Some of it from a statues willy.

Sticking it out and meeting Kieran to hear about the waste management work. Not what I want, but interesting. And a good chance to feel like I’m good at something.

Lino printing vagina Christmas cards.

A classic date night with Jonny. Too much alcohol, some penis chat and Peteks. Perfect. 


A cheeky cocktail at work.
A Korean pork bun.
All of us just sat around chatting.


Having a laugh with the sandwich shop lady and the Costcutter lady at lunch time

Having Radio OneXtra on at work. Destiny’s Child, Craig David and Azealia Banks. Yes.

Two free mojitos

20130319-212602.jpgGetting to see my boyfriend before he left in the morning

Singing along to the Beatles alone in the office

A beer at work

afternoon tea waldolf hotel

Prosecco induced giggling at our posh afternoon tea in the Waldolf Hotel.

Walking past that brilliant jazz busking band on Hungerford Bridge. They will never not make me smile.

Having my boyfriend finish work waaaay earlier than we thought. Hurrah, not another night alone clutching the torch and having nightmares about intruders.


Coming home and giving mum a huge huge hug.
Spending the day with mum wandering around the village, chatting, looking in vintage shops and drinking tea.
Going out dancing with the girls for the first time in months and months – wine, heels, pop music and lots of shrieking.