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Getting a Thank You letter and a tea bag from the Alzheimer’s Society for helping raising £109,000 by doing the Ben Nevis Midnight Challenge. 

Baking some gold glittery cakes for Ming’s Gold Party. Not quite as gold as I wanted but it was nice to bake again. 

Chatting to my friend’s at the party. I haven’t spoken to Al properly in a long time, Harry was really interesting and it’s always so nice to see Sam DJ so intently. 


We made it! We climbed Ben Nevis at night and raised almost £2500 for Alzheimer’s UK. It was absolutely amazing and brilliant and I’m so proud of us! Plus we did it in amazing time. Less than 7 hours and down by 5am. So happy.
Taking off my boots and having a shower.
More hilarious Good Eggs and Alec WhatsApps. Jonny was especially funny.


Hannah constipation lols.
Starting the midnight climb up Ben Nevis. So exciting.
Reaching the half way point up the mountain.