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Watching them run the marathon.

Being there to hug Jonny as he cried at the end.

The lovely Eurostar people who let me get on the next train after I’d assumed I was on that one and missed my actual reason.

When it stopped raining and the sun came out and we wandered along the canals. I was arm in arm with Jonny.

The first Be Real notification.

Talking about granddad’s at dinner, with blankets and heat lamps, outside the restaurant.

The really old pub. So European and cosy.

Indonesian food.

Laughing with Jonny on the tram.

Eurostar straight through to Amsterdam.

Botanical garden.

Finally sorted out all my photos and deleted LOADS and found some real gems.


My sandwich. I went to three different shops to get all the ingredients. And my god, it was exactly what I wanted.
Amsterdam texts. 😍
A lovely evening with two German women talking about actual things.


Winklewagons. Or trolleys.
Playing Shithead.
Being back home in the UK after 20 months.


Beautiful Amsterdam.
Big multicoloured ducks.
Peppa Pig hanging up on her friend.


My new 3D printed phone case for my FairPhone. Had to go find it in Amsterdam which was cool.
The Sex Museum. Actually pretty good for €4 and probably the only place where you can stare at photos of people having sex whilst with your mates and not feel a bit weird about it.
Going to the pub. A real pub. A European pub. Not a bar.


We’re back in Europe! We made it! Hello  Amsterdam.
Seeing our friends!
Us all sitting on the sofa, laughing and eating heart shaped crisps.


We booked our flights home. Well almost home. To Amsterdam.
Packing up the van in the evening, with that fading light that reminds me of packing cars up for holidays. I can’t believe we’re going to live in it.
The Mindy Project. I need to start watching this properly.