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Videos of Georgie trying to create lessons for her kids. But fucking it up.

Chatty Friday Andrew, just this time on Skype.

Watching Jonny play his Western game, putting on Southern accents.

A walk through Hampstead Heath with cute dogs and sunshine and a view of London.

Camden Arts Center. One if my favourite galleries in London. So calm and beautiful and never ever busy.

A nice message from Andrew.

Andrew ‘but let’s go back to the most important thing, me finishing my story’.

A mini nap in the park at lunchtime.

The squirrels running around. Especially the one that looked like it was doing a body builder pose.


Froggy. His gossip email and his ‘we miss you?’ that he accidentally sent to everyone.
Giving the pram away.
The pub quiz and lovely friends. Second place. We’re creeping up!


Froggy farts
Salad for dinner with all my favourite things – broccoli, beetroot, pine nuts,  pomegranate, spinach and feta. Thanks Oslo.
Singing with Bradnam.


Chatting skiing and cheese with Andrew.
Swimming after work. I was really looking forward to it.
Hannah’s poo stories.


I made another dinner. And it was something new and delicious and healthy.
Andrew: Is that it, five minutes? Thanks for popping in!
Just being back to my normal self, sans hormones. So much calmer and nicer.