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A lazy morning in bed

The small squirrel that came so close to us in the park. It almost came right up to my hand. But he wasn’t quite brave enough.

The dance scene in Silver Linings Playbook.


A mid afternoon hot chocolate and girly catch up

Spotting a fox on top of a car in the car park. And then watching it leisurely stretch and wander off.

8 out of 10 cats.

Today was my birthday. And it was filled with lots and lots of things that made me smile. And as it’s my birthday I’m going to ignore the three things rule. Here are more than three things that made me smile today.


My signed Michael Palin books, with my name in and everything.


The windy walk up the hill with my parents.

The lamas feeding in the field.


The rainbow above the houses when we got home.

Getting a Skype kiss.

A delicious dinner with my family.

Drinks and laughter at the pub. Including one of my favourite friends who I don’t see enough.

All in all, a bloody good day!

i exaggerate

This funny image from Time Out about overheard conversations in London. Complete with a funny animal picture. More here.

Being complimented on my work by two separate people.

The smell of my freshly washed scarf.


The animal photos on the Telegraph site and their funny captions.

Going to a Life Drawing class for the first time in years.

My hair. It was down and big and curly and smelled lovely.