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Apple crumble and custard at lunch.

TikTok. My saviour.

I managed to do my IWD posters.

Finishing the huge pile of books to post out.

Apple crumble and custard.

Watching Jen and Fiona read the book.

Custard. Homemade by Jen. With some crumble. By Marks and Spencer.

The sun on the leaves on my walk through my favourite bit of the park this morning.

A hug from Syd.

Apple Day was a huge success! So many people came.

Chopping apples with Ben and Bob.

Apple crumble and custard.

Matilda was back. And we took her for a walk and she has A MAC 😍

A big roast dinner all together with no meat and an apple crumble with custard.

Watching Love Actually. I mean it’s terrible but it’s good. Except for the sexism and stuff. 


We climbed Snowdon!
Apple crumble and custard


Homemade apple crumble.
Whizzing through the market super fast.
Getting lots of van stuff done. We’re getting there!


An email from my mum saying ‘see you on Saturday’. Agghhh I’m so excited to see them! I can’t believe it’s nearly here.
I made a good dinner. One that is different to all the normal, boring dinners I make.
A proper crumble made by a mum.