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Being filmed for a documentary. The artist was so lovely and I felt so proud to have been there and taken part.

Having photos of my vulva taken too.

Shuffleboard at the pub.

Going to see The Iris by myself.

Continuing the solo date with a walk up the hill in Greenwich park and then a wine in the pub.

Followed by a real date at Street Feast with heaps of delicious food and the pottery show.

“He knew you were an artist by your shoes”
“It is most common in women because the bacterium loves warm and moist places. The vagina is as warm and moist as body parts come. AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH!”
Orange is the New Black.


Sitting and chatting over a free hot drink in between the Chinese exhibitions at Te Papa.  The sun was shining and we were giggling.
Being in a creative environment, walking around looking at the art work of Shi Lu.
Sharing my emotional breakthrough with my boyfriend and him being so happy and so proud of me.