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19 lovely people at my dementia friendly walk. And it was sunny and we found all the colours of the rainbow.

Feeling lots of feelings Hannah.

Leaving work on a Friday when the sun is shining and there’s a three day weekend ahead.

Almost a whole day to myself to get stuff done and relax. Having a third day off is so great.

Listening to a podcast and weaving my basket. Thinking about the moon and slowing down and how to bring that nature and earthliness back into my life.

Soaking my feet in the evening.

Enjoying a London Eggs hangout. Feels like an age since I’ve enjoyed one.

Buying a desk and a beautiful lamp.

Having some quiet time on the train to and from to read my book.

Getting what I asked for in Slovenia.

Spending the day not doing all that much, in comfy clothes.

Got my new-to-me denim jacket. Finally managed to go pick it up. I love it.

The beautiful Weir Gardens. The river, the wooden play park, the drying onions, the walled garden.

Dinner and half pints with Jonny. Even though he made me nearly cry.
Coming home and sitting by the fire in the garden with my housemates. And then playing Rag on the Wire. Excellent new game.


Leaving work and knowing I won’t have to be back there five whole days.
The beautiful red juicy strawberries. They smelt incredible and tasted so good.
Dinner with Jo at Jai Krishna


The two wonderful volunteers who turned up, out the blue, for a short time and just got stuck in ripping up the floor and painting for the first thing.
The very last bit of the train journey
Turning up at Hannah’s parents house and finding a chocolate bunny by the bed and a hot water bottle in it. So cute.


Killed a few flies in quick succession at work. I was like a fly killing ninja.
The weather was gorgeous today. It was so lovely walking down to work in the sun and enjoying the quiet of early morning bank holiday.
Thinking about all the things that I’ve done, places I’ve been and stories I can tell. Sometimes I need to stand back a little and realise that I’m stronger than I think I am.


A crisp sandwich, like my nan used to make me

An evening talking to two of my closest female friends about feminism, sex and loads of other serious and interesting things

Walking to the station and thinking about my boyfriend. How much I love him and how excited I am to go traveling with him.

P.s. sorry for the loved-up, sick-in-my-mouth-a-bit subject. But hey, it’s the beginning of a four day weekend and I’ve had two glasses of wine. What do you expect?