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Made another coat. Still looks a bit like a dressing gown but it’s much comfier.

An exhibition at the Barbican. With Hannah.

First kisses.

Going to an exhibition!

Sitting in the sun laughing with Sam and Ming.

Having a long lie in

Finding my lost sock up my sleeve

A great film about intersex people that I would never have watched

A quiet evening in. Home made food, RuPaul and an early night

The conservatory at the Barbican.

Delicious pasta dinner with Holly.

The photo of my parents looking in love in amongst the plants.

Ice cream at work. Love a Mars icecream. Especially on the first hot day of the year.

School trip out the office to see pollution themed exhibitions at Somerset House and the Barbican.

Sitting outside the Barbican in the sun with a beer and my fun colleagues.


The smell of coffee beans. Well, instant coffee but still, it smells lovely.

Not sure why, but I was smiling the whole way from the office to the tube. Could have been the music, the bright blue sky or knowing I was going to spend the afternoon with my boyfriend.

The Rain Room at the Barbican. Just. Amazing.