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Scrambling over the rocks on the beach.

Getting the metro.

Three halves in a pub.

Walking along the beach, climbing over the rocks and looking at crabs in rock pools.

A cinnamon doughnut.

All the dogs. The cute cocker spaniel puppy especially.

Playing the rock throwing game.

The very pretty dog with all the colours.

Walking through the cute little old town with all the cats.

Lying on the beach and reading.

Americanah. Finally a book that I’m enjoying reading (again).

An article about swifts from Charlie.

A delicious coffee ice cream drink

Our beach house!

Sunbathing on the beach without a top on.

Went for a swim in the sea. Han took a photo just as a cold wave hit my vulva.

Excitement at spotting (or thinking we spotted) dolphins.

Hanging out with Sophie. She’s a good egg.

Being in Brighton and Hove for the day, walking in the sun, playing with the stones on the beach and feeling my family roots.

Chatting to Lydia about vulvas, imposture syndrome and feeling like you’re in competition. I feel reinvigorated again!

Coming home and sewing and eating gyoza.

Handstands on the beach.

Basil the beagle.

A card about farting and little willies.

A walk along the beach, with the sand between my toes.

And then into the forest with the dappled sunlight.

Followed by sunbathing and yoga in the garden

Throwing stones at other stones on the beach.

The photos from the pier.

Recreating Sam and Ming’s photos.

The funicular railway.

Willy Wonka making an appearance in the 1066 castle video.

Telling the poo smear story in the pub.

Lying in the sun with my boobs out. 

Not getting burnt.

Getting completely lost in my book.

Being surprised by the beautiful beach near Blackpool. It actually reminded me of being in Australia. And missing it. 

Wandering along it, litter picking in the sun.

Walking from the beach to the pub with Gust and Rose.

Dozing in the sun, in my parents garden.

A walk along the seafront in the afternoon. With obligatory ice cream break.

Watching the bat flit about in the darkness.


A day on the beach at Comporta
The amazing stalks, nesting everywhere. And the birds diving into the sea to fish.
BBQ chat with Alec and Ciaran.

The long lazy breakfast with the sun shining and all the blueberries
Beautiful beach walk with seals and so much sand
Hot Cross Bun bread and butter pudding. The absolute best dessert.



Walking on the beach, making animal noises
Head of dicks
The orange with a mini orange inside (yep, it was so cool that this post deserves two photos)


This Venn diagram
Watching the volleyball on Margate beach.
80’s classics in the weird bar after dinner.


The goat kneeling on its elbows to eat.
Fam Camp. Seeing all the family again.
Singing songs around the beach campfire.


Lying on the sand with my legs in the sun at Cathedral Cove.
Going through the carwash.
The smell of wood burning at the campsite.


The secret cove at Tunnel Beach with its cool sandstone cliffs.
Napping in the van.
“I think your tummy is ringing.” “Hello?…. no you’ve already had dinner.”


Seeing this view after trekking up hot hill after hot hill.
The seal splashing around in the water below us at Separation Point.
Relaxing in the sun and writing my diary at the campsite at Puponga after a long day of walking and driving.


The sea. Oh the sea. It was so clear, so beautiful.
Being pulled around and floated so it felt like I was swimming really fast.
John’s stories about his teenage years.


This multicoloured plant.
Surfing down the sand dune.
Skype with the little nephew.


A shell competition in a small beach in a little cove with my family.
The beautiful grasses.
Getting W to cut my hair out on the balcony. It looks good!


Going for a morning walk around the coast and discovering more and more beautiful, empty coves and bays with clear water and soft sand.
Family time on the beach, teasing Hannah.
Zapping my brothers bites. And also his arm, foot and tummy. Just for fun.


Swimming, snorkeling and kayaking in the beautiful clear sea.
Going for a walk around the beach with mum and dad in the evening.
Rizzle Kicks in the car.


Sunset down at the beach, jumping around and ruining peoples photos and splashing in the sea.
The amazing house we’re staying in. Huge windows, beautiful kitchen, sea view.
Playing games with the family in the car on the long journey.


Christmas day body boarding at the beach.
Dad as Father Christmas calling Poppy poppy.
Lying about in the pool on our new inflatables, drinking beer and chatting quietly.


Lying on the most beautiful beach with only one other family on it.
When he squirted sun tan lotion all down my shorts and on the floor.
Mr Bean on the ferry.


The beautiful views and beaches as we cycled around the island.
Seeing the skinks scuttle around. Even if they frightened me at first.
Laughing over how ridiculously stinky I was today thanks to no deodorant and a very hot day. I was gross.