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Such a good nap. I didn’t even move. Fresh air, smooth sheets, deep sleep.

Books, beer and Korean with Jonny in the evening. It was such a lovely evening. 

The setting sun, shining off the buildings and turning gold as I arrived home.

Beers in the park after work with Holly

A Ben and Jerry’s ice cream sandwich

Community. My community.

Work drinks. Lots and lots of drinks.

Hearing that people liked my vagina pot. And that Bob’s eyes almost popped out of his head. I guess I’ll be remembered.

Chips. Hot, salty, mayonnaise covered chips.

Going to the Tate. Watching the construction guys descend from the roof. The beautiful new galleries. Stepping into the cubes. Being alone in the room with the lights. Writing with a coffee. The views from the top floor. The wonky sculptures. The bubbling tubes. Lying in the cage. The beautiful concrete staircases.

Drawing birds and listening to guilty feminists.

Jonny, beers in the pub, a brilliant tart, jam tarts that burnt our mouths, cigarettes, GBBO in bed and gay chat. A brilliant Wednesday night. 

​More beers in the sun

Strangely, a night with Zoe that made me feel better. Fuck all that shit.

Walking through central London alone on a hot night. Being offered £5 to slap someone. I love London. Its so beautiful.

Oh and then coming home to another hilarious Good Eggs conversation involving drunk me and new fonts.

(And actually, considering that this morning I was sad and crying and now I’ve got 4 good things, this has been a fantastic turnaround of a day)

​Beers in the park after work

Slow walking in the sun

The dog on the tube