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The light on my pillow. It’s nice to see the sun again after these terrible dreary wet date.

Discovering Lemonade is on Spotify. Yeah, I know I’m about three years behind on the news.

Wearing my new white t-shirt from the charity shop. I don’t know what it is about it but I feel so good in it. It feels like the perfect white t-shirt.

Starting off the day with a Queen Bee coffee.

Running around the forest with the kids, climbing on everything and being in the trees.

Going on the mini train.

A bloody brilliant dog photo.

This hilarious article about asking the irish parliament their views on Beyonce.

Being outside in the sunshine and blue skies, delicious coffees and kiwi cafes. What a perfect day.

P.s. and an unexpected but fun WhatsApp phone call about British reservedness

Sunny garden coffee mid pack with Bivan. 

Beyonce came on the radio as I was driving the van in the sun. The perfect moment.

Walking home with that lovely spring smelling air, the light fading. The light has just been everything today.

Singing and driving the van. By myself.

The event looked good. And I chatted to Emma about crocheting vulvas for the Period Party. She’s cool.



The Good Eggs chat. So much loling today. Computer cases, tasty gaming rigs and tagine carry bags.
All the great music at work plus an easy day of uploading photos.
Ping pong and Korean dance genes with Jonny.


Texts texts texts.
Waxed off my moustache for the first time.
The Beyoncé poi video. Yus New Zealand!


The squirrel with the great big mouthful of leaves.
Evening exercises to Beyoncé and M.I.A.
Work laughs. With the builders. With Rochelle. With Janet and Lloyd.


Beyoncé. Formation. I slay.
A night with the flatties, meeting the new flattie. He seems really nice.
Cooking a proper meal again.


I swam 50 lengths.
Doggy massage.
Staying up watching Beyoncè videos with Jonny.


The Feeling Myself video.
Being offered a job.
Playing Flounders.


Spending some time in a bookshop, looking at books.
Being proud of the family I’m from. So proud.
Walking home, a bit drunk, with Beyonce playing on repeat, singing into my scarf.


Feminist graffiti
“If you like it then you should have put a lid on it”
I got a job! One that seems nice and lovely with friendly people!


Remembering my dream last night, a completely random story that involved a HUGE spurt of sperm onto the ceiling. And was in no way sexy.
Starting off the day with some Beyoncé. Empowered, angry and independent.
The group of joyful, laughing, vibrant women who sat and chatted for ages. One reminded me of my favourite cousin.


Sewing the cases for our camper mattress cushions.
Striding out to Beyonce, Flawless.
Beautifully smelling washing. Hello delicious clean bed.


Finding a piece of foam the perfect size for our camper bed in a craft shop and the woman selling it to me for just $10. It’s like it was meant to be.
Singing XO at the bus stop, surrounded by the smell of some beautiful flowers.
Having the car registered to my name. It’s fully ours now.


Going and watching our flatmate’s kapa haka dress rehearsal. It was SO. AMAZING. The singing, the dancing, the poi, the shouting, the Māori language. It was just incredible.
Some positive shopping.
Watching Beyonce’s VMA’s performance. Obviously.


Beyoncè and Nicki Minaj – Flawless.
More fabric!
Complimentary tickets booked for a film tomorrow.


The most adorable puppy came into work today. Seven weeks old, perfectly behaved, softest thing I’ve ever stroked and melted my heart completely. And there are three more needing homes for free. Oh, if only I could take one. Or three.
Dancing to loud Beyoncè in the shower after work.
A regular customer who came in and got us all laughing together. Something that was desperately needed today.


Getting paid to do my flatmates laundry. He has a crazy amount of t-shirts. 73 to be exact.
Seeing things in myself that remind me of my parents and make me feel closer to them, even though they’re on the other side of the world.
Sashaying up the hill singing along to Beyoncè.


Finally got my FairPhone
Finally got the Beyoncè album
My flatmate bought a tub of chocolate ice cream home for me


Having all our mates at our leaving party. Really really great night.

Singing Beyoncé loudly with a friend as we walked away from the pub

The ridiculously posh, hipster ‘private party’ we went to after the pub. For 10 minutes. So funny, so awful, so pretentious.



Listening to Beyonce’s new song, Grown Woman, on repeat and dancing around with no clothes on, feeling positive about my wobbly bits, hairy bits and spotty bits

…which probably had something to do with finding this site. A Beautiful Body Project by Jade Beall. A wonderful idea. I can’t wait to see the book

Reading about farting out cum after anal sex on Vagenda. So unexpected and made me laugh so much I had a few tears in my eyes.


Leaving work early

The burning bread in the toaster smelt like making toast over the bonfire. Which is one of the best smells there is.

New Beyonce song



Going for dinner with my boyfriend and spending some nice time together after a hectic weekend. Pus I love going out for a meal and we never do it anymore.

Then going for desert somewhere else. And then a hot chocolate somewhere else. My hot chocolate was essentially just melted chocolate and it was incredible.

Walking through tourist London around Leicester Square with all the Christmas lights, Beyonce playing on my iPod and just feeling good.


Pulling up the last of our carrots. And finding them all hilariously bent, twisted and stubby (but still delicious).

Going for a massage with my boyfriend.

Going out to G-A-Y for the very first time and dancing to endless Sean Paul, Beyonce and some Nicki Minaj with no hassle from men. Perfect.





As usual, a walk in the park gave me lots to smile about. The leaves, the beautiful colours, the smells, the squirrels hopping about. I took lots of photos and don’t want to choose which to use. So you’re getting all of them.

Listening to some Beyonce and getting excited about going to g-a-y for the first time tomorrow night.

A leaf floated alongside me as I walked back by the canal.