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R and She! Yas queen!

Getting a backy all the way home.

Working on my vagina brand



This ridiculously good looking vegetarian pie that my little cousin made.
An intercourse game.
A bike ride with my cousin.


The pure, clear water of the Kai Iwi Lake glittering in the sun as we cycled around it and picnicked next to it.
Going on a guided night walk and setting a wild kiwi! A big mama kiwi.
The instant excited little hug I got from him when we spotted the kiwi.


A father and son, riding the same bike and giggling together

Coming home to find my boyfriend here. An unexpected treat.

This footage of London in the 1920’s in colour


Adorable letter from a young girl to the Yosemite Park Ranger after she accidentally takes two sticks home.

Full fat milk in my tea. Oh god it’s so creamy.

Hearing a cyclist singing loudly as he pedaled past me.

Lone worm in wormery compost

Riding around the park, in the Autumn sun on Boris Bikes

Sewing elbow patches onto my jumper

Finding a worm that is alive in my wormery. There is hope for my composting dreams yet.