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Making the office go to the park at lunch time to enjoy the sun. And then going down the curly yellow slide.

Making a wicked awesome 3D bat card for my colleagues birthday. Complete with her marrying a kayak on the front. It makes sense in context.

Jonny’s elephant Nelly. Big and gentle, not grey and wrinkly.

Potato day.

My card for Jen. Not at all creepy.

Ian, the world’s best nurse.

The most perfect avocado for breakfast. A great start to the new working year.
My vagina themed birthday card from my colleagues. You know you talk about vaginas a lot when they make you a vagina card.

Organising the kitchen cupboards and throwing away lots of old shitty mugs and pans. Everything is so much more ordered and neat now.


My boss bought this really shit card for our young colleague who turned 20 today. What 20 year old boy likes paintings of ducks?
Justine Smith. Very funny stand up. Broke her knuckle giving someone the finger.
A London Fog for my tea break.


This birthday card.
Wearing my new shoes to work. I kept looking down at my day and thinking ‘cor, snazzy shoes.’
Watching Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake do the 20 years of rap. So good. And started an evening of watching some amazing old videos.