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The migraine has gone!

I finally put the boots on Vinted. Please let them sell.

Someone bought my book to go in the doctors office!! To show people that are worried about their vulva!


(more) new boots.

London Eggs plus Han and Soph. Drinks and pizza in a 4.9 restaurant. Incredible pizza.

Compliments on my yellow boots!

Finding another flat that I could probably afford. I don’t think I want it but it’s raised my hopes again.

Chocolate ice cream.

Getting my yellow boots. They are so much more flexible than I thought they’d be.

Watching Bo Burnham’s old videos, cuddled up to Hannah on the sofa.

Reading topless next to each other.

New boots.

Staying at Hannah’s.

Travel man

Wearing my new DMs out and about. I love this look.

The family deciding that, despite us all agreeing to split the money if we won, that I should get the £20 from the Christmas scratch card. 

Yay, Stuart agreed to go on holiday. And soon! Hello cute cottage with a fireplace.

This song, I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons. The video gives me goosebumps, the song makes my stomach flip and I truly don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing it.

Wearing my new parka coat for the first time since I bought it at a flea market for a tenner

‘Winning’ (buying) a lovely pair of (hopefully waterproof) Russell and Bromley boots on Ebay