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Friends again with Tash.

A friend date that turned into a date date.

A new bowl in 26 minutes.

Getting a Bloody Good Period pin badge in the post from Han.

My new Tiger mug/bowl.

‘I got an interview for a job writing about patios’

Oh and bonus one – the funny photos from my friends when I needed them.

Kicking through the bright yellow leaves on the pavement.

The whole wood working day. The bright blue sky, being outside, the fire, making a bowl, the feminist chat at lunchtime, the end result. It was brilliant.

Smelling like wood smoke


My boyfriend’s Christmas present arrived and it looks like it will fit him.

Got a lot of work done and felt much less stressed.

Made another cork bowl. This time for a friend for Christmas. Another one ticked off the list and no money spent. Boom.