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I tried Jo’s breast milk.

Made a bra.

Noah’s little farts.

Thunder and lightening.

I made a bra!

Being inside as the rain fell so heavily.

My bra adventures in M&S. Accidentally giving one nipple a paper cut, squeezing a spot on the other, sitting with my boobs hanging out and then trying to give my unwanted bras to a male customer, NOT an employee.

The man who farted at me as he looked over his shoulder.

Going back to Tina’s yoga class. So happy she’s changed it up a bit.


The Love London No Place For Hate people at the station this morning.
A really sweet thank you and well wishes card from Bez, my favourite volunteer.
New bra.


Giggling over big bras with mum. Especially this big bra/little bra combo.
A seaside walk with some old friends. And my complete inability to organise it.
Birthday messages (its my birthday today)


Getting a comfy bra. And finding it was  ridiculously cheap so buying another one.
The car passed its WoF! It only needed a little job done on the door which a man with a crow bar fixed for us for free. Hurrah!
Delicious Indian food for dinner. Plus it was nice to be out the rain.


Discovering the joy of not wearing a bra after work. So comfy.
Teasing my colleague and having a giggle.
A lovely message from a close friend after I told her something very personal.


The bra fence.
Screaming as loud as we could into a waterfall in the middle of nowhere.
The stunning lakes with beautiful clear water and barely a breath of wind.