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Such a great day!

Accidentally meeting Hannah’s brother on the train.

Perfect amount of poke.

New sunglasses.

Lying on the beach in the sun.

Throwing stones at other stones.

Playing the 2p slots on the pier.

A loopdeloop rollercoaster.

Recreating Dawson’s Creek under the pier.

Singing along to live music by the beach bar.

Big Brighton day out. And it was so sunny.

The lovely sex shop and the new dildo. Plus trying on pointy bra.

When those people thought I was a seagull.

Having tater tots for the first time.

Being in Brighton and Hove for the day, walking in the sun, playing with the stones on the beach and feeling my family roots.

Chatting to Lydia about vulvas, imposture syndrome and feeling like you’re in competition. I feel reinvigorated again!

Coming home and sewing and eating gyoza.

Coffee ice cream in the sun listening to a random jazz band playing the jungle book song.

Delicious salady lunch.

Lying in the park at home as the sun got lower but was still really warm. Plus some cool clouds.

Brunch in a cute cafe with delicious coffee.

Dipping our fingers in the sea.

The special seaside doughnuts in the paper bag with all the sugar.

Ben and Han’s beautiful sunny bathroom. I wanted to shower in there forever.

Going on Twister on the pier in Brighton.

The incredibly aubergine thing from the Japanese restaurant that we were so lucky to get a seat at.

Going to see nan.

Picking our favourite dogs in the park.

Cooking dinner together.

Booking a weekend away in Brighton in a beautiful looking flat.

Stepping into the hot shower.

Leaping onto the train as the doors began to shut. Can’t believe I made it.

Getting my vulva cast in a lovely sunny studio.

Being in Brighton, walking along by the sea and remembering places I went with nan when I was a kid.


Blue skies in Brighton with the Beatles playing.
A massage from Sue.
Giggling and gossiping with mum on the phone on the way home.


Got off the train in Brighton and the sun came out as we walked to my aunts house

Having a chat with my nan and she was better than I’ve seen her in a long time

Just generally spending time with my family. I had a really lovely day. Lots of smiling and laughing and all things nice.


A day in Brighton, my favourite place

A night of folk music in a lovely pub

The smile my boyfriend gave me, half way through a song.

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Going to Brighton for the day. My most favourite place ever.

Having a big Sunday lunch with my family.

Coming home with lots of books for the pop up and vintage fabric for….well I’m not sure yet. It for something.