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Walking up from my magic nap and feeling much better.

Hannah coming over with pizza and painkillers.

Doing silly quizzes about which Spice Girl or Disney princess we are.

Maybe got a job at WOW. 

Got heaps more Instagram followers after a mention on Buzzfeed (it had some slightly negative repercussions. But also I love that woman who came to my rescue. Bye trolls).

Finally saw Dunkirk. Brilliant, so intense.


The pink blossom swirling around in the wind outside the shop

37 things you’ll only find funny if you’re British

I was supposed to do something after work but it got cancelled so I could just come home instead. Which was exactly what I wanted.



This, from Buzzfeed. Oh Buzzfeed, the hours I waste on you.

Pretending to be on the phone to ignore someone but in the process getting to talk out loud to myself on the street, something I’ve never properly done before. It’s fun.

The smell of burning paper. Although this smile was wiped off my face when I turned the corner and realised someone had set fire to a recycling bin.


Organising a freebie.

This baby tapir

And Buzzfeed’s 35 dumbest things said on the Internet. But specifically this.