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The various travel methods to get from Teshima to Hakone. Walking, ferry, trains, tiny trains, funicular trains and a cable car.

My Michael Bublé joke.

The Story about our Google translate history.

The beautiful onsen. Sitting in the steaming water outside under the stars was lovely.

Buffet. Big huge buffet. With too many desserts.

Wearing the yukata to said buffet. #pantsfreebuffet


Spending the day just me and my parents, doing some tourist things around the city.
Finishing off my hat. And I didn’t do it wrong!
A lovely evening eating delicious food, watching Cuban dancing in the street and showing my parents the gin place that I’ve been wanting to take them to.


Hot cross bun for breakfast.
Driving through bits of the city we haven’t seen before, around the coast and walking out to the lighthouse. Well, almost. It’s quite far.
Seeing the little, personal cable cars that people have for their houses that are up really steep slopes.