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The half a slice of cake with a cup of tea after lunch. That was nice.
Staying home. Rather than making myself go in. That was the right decision.

Booking a weekend away. This weekend. I need a break. 

Last day at work! All the cake, all the carbs, all the chips, all the beers and all the vagina related presents.

They made me a cake decorated with vaginas, they bought me a cunt colouring in book and they made me a lovely card with vaginas, Rizo’s and beautiful goodbyes. 

And then in the middle of the night out, I got offered another job! And I got a place on the Influencing Chance course! Weeeee! Not doing so badly after all. 

Accidental loud fart. Very loud.

Yummy, moist carrot cake.

Becoming an official volunteer and having my skills very highly sung in the WhatsApp group.

Getting a Thank You letter and a tea bag from the Alzheimer’s Society for helping raising ¬£109,000 by doing the Ben Nevis Midnight Challenge. 

Baking some gold glittery cakes for Ming’s Gold Party. Not quite as gold as I wanted but it was nice to bake again. 

Chatting to my friend’s at the party. I haven’t spoken to Al properly in a long time, Harry was really interesting and it’s always so nice to see Sam DJ so intently. 


Little lunch time beer with my favourite team members to celebrate my last week at work.
All the Turkish food
Hannah’s birthday cake. Brownie, sponge and ice cream. Well done Marks and Spencer, well done.


All FOUR of the homemade cakes for Clare’s birthday.
A beer and a haircut.
Feeling quite proud of myself. For sharing. And doing better.


Booking Portugal places. #holiday
Late night coffee and cake. Feels so extravagant.
It’s happened. The Cliff Richard story breaks. Finally.


Sally eating the very middle of her pizza first.
A silent meditation.
Holly’s birthday cake


The lovely volunteer that baked a cake and bought it in, still warm, for us to snack on as we painted the hub. Plus tea and fresh coffee.
Joking around with the builders. They are really nice guys.
White walls at work. It looks so much better. We got a lot done today.


Doing all the things to make me feel better today. Namely:
The cheap and delicious chocolate custard cake.
Sacking off work and just getting lots of life admin shit done – new passport ordered, food bags picked up, books donated, people responded to, face mask…urm…masked.
Then some creative shit. Sketching from the nude photographs I had done and watching a funny video about whittling. Then a smidge of learning some French.


The small train up the mountain to the glacier, with views all down the valley.
Sledging. On the botty whizzer. In thigh deep snow.
The postcards we smeared with cake. And the cake.


Baked eggs with cheese. Delicious delicious delicious.
My period finally started. Blood blood blood.
Going into the male-filled cafe to buy a cake.


My wonderful friends
The wonderful presents they got me – WWII books, Nicki Minaj perfume and Sandi Toksvig
The hilariously bashed up birthday cake.


We sold the van!
Delicious raspberry tea cake.
Floating around in the natural hot spring water pool for a few hours.


Mums birthday cake. Such an amazing turtle.
Performing dad’s version of Hi Ho Silver Lining for mum’s 60th birthday. We had matching t-shirts, almost in-sync clicking and some¬†enthusiastic dance moves.
Playing Heads Up. With people who couldn’t quite see the writing. And lots of shouting.
Singing and dancing to Auld Lang Syne even though we didn’t know the words. Because, really, who does?
Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to lots more things of joy in 2015.
(Yes I know there’s four things but it was a really good day)


Rooftop cinema. Great location, good film, comfy beanbags and Malteasers. The surprise carnival band in Fremantle.
The delicious honey cake.


A day of food smell memories. Red wine-y bolognese, coffee and smoked salmon. Mum’s cooking, camping holidays and dad.
A free slice of cake.
My flatmate walking past my work and sticking his tongue out at me. 


Listening to some women speaking Spanish in the sun.
A very green, very healthy, very delicious dinner.
Coffee cake at work. Reminded me of my dad.


Finishing the chocolate brownie steak cake for his birthday.
Doing a good job at my sewing class. The T-shirt looks awesome so far.
Having a mini break through about my feelings and realising that things are getting better.


This crappy cake.
Fun at work. Chats, laughter and normality.
Flatmate fun. Including big thumbs up.


Going for a walk up the hill, in the sun and out the wind, smelling wild garlic and pines, stepping in mud and on spongy moss.
Chocolate cake.
In sync with my boyfriend.


I made a pretty impressive book cake for my flatmate.
I woke myself up by laughing this morning.
Walking down to the market together, being silly and singing songs.


The Simon Starling exhibition at the City Gallery.
Watching the kids Irish dancing by the sea. Especially the little brother who couldn’t Irish dance but joined in anyway.
Going for cake and having a nice chat, just the two of us.


These speakers that looked surprised to see us

The amazing chocolate/biscuit/meringue/nut cake

One Gentleman and Two Guvnors. Such an amazing play. I laughed so much. Just brilliant.


Working with my legs in the sun

Our little business was hired to work for World Book Night. A night in a library, telling posh, rich women about what we do, eating delicious cake for free and being paid for it. Yes please.

Warm evening air and the smell of cigars. Reminds me of holidays in France when I was younger

20130317-123704.jpgThe little dog on the DLR that howled a little when we went underground

The cake decorated like a breakfast for our friends leaving party

The photo of all of us together in the pub


It’s spring. Everything is about to get beautiful.

An evening of blueberries, grapes and loads of veg. Oh and cake.

Warming up, walking in the sun


Today was the day of our second pop up event so lots of things made me smile. But if I had to pick just 3 things…

A uni friend that made the effort to come, despite not living in London

Getting a late birthday present from my old housemates. And it was a pair of shoes I really wanted. Such a generous gift.

One of the cakes we sold was an apple and blackberry crumble cake. And it. Was. Incredible.

A funny email from my friend that genuinely made me LOL.

A lovely email from a favourite colleague saying goodbye (because I’m leaving, it wasn’t a suicide note).

Discovering there is such a thing as a breakfast cake.

smiles per hour

The sign my friend photographed in Australia.

The lovely man at the coffee shop who accepted the money I had for tea and carrot cake, rather than how much it actually cost.

Listening to the Scott Mills podcast and hearing how much money listeners had raised for Comic Relief.