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An outdoor shower.

Spotting deer and herons.

Quiet talking around the campfire

Being at Knepp with Jen and Fiona.

Watching the sun set behind the tents with the fire on.

Fire cooked sweetcorn.

Being with all the family at Fam Camp. Han was happy to be here, Fred played with all of us, the sun is out.

Sitting around a camp fire laughing with Soph, Holly and mum.

Being in the countryside, smelling fresh air, being in a field with sheep.

Blighty brunch with the core besties. That iced coffee saved me.

Some train texts on the way to Fam Camp.

Sitting around the fire with my family, wearing my walking boots and chatting to some family members that don’t normally get the chance to speak. And singing about bananas and big fat ponies.


Walking over the Malvern hills
Volleyball as the sun sets
Sitting round the fire, under the stars, with my cousins. Talking about vaginas, nipples and tit tape.


And a babe of a beer with the close knits when Han arrived.


The beautiful Fam Camp campsite, with three lakes, amazing wooden huts and all the sun.
Cousin Sophie.
Going to buy a camping heron with Ben.


The goat kneeling on its elbows to eat.
Fam Camp. Seeing all the family again.
Singing songs around the beach campfire.


The baby fur seals playing on the rocks at Ohau.
An improvised Milo milkshake in the carpark.
A nice campsite with a shady spot where we can relax for two days.


Apple puree. So delicious.
Watching rubbish TV in the campsite common room for ages. It was great to just switch off and laugh at stupid things.
Peeing in the pot again.


The luge. I did a big laugh scream down the ramps.
Getting out a new soap. And not just any soap but one of the lovely smelling Trade Aid soaps. I was so happy to have a few minutes to myself with this soap.
Playing cards and singing stupid songs in the van.


This postcard.
Singing ‘summertime blues’ really loudly, and wrong, in the car together. Compete with steering wheel thumping, leg slapping and head thrusting.
Peeing into the special campervan pee pot. TOGETHER.


The NZ Family Camp style group at the Totaranui DoC site. One with this monster of a van!
Driving the van to a shadier spot with him still asleep in the back at 8am to try and cool the car down and go back to sleep.
The egg shell disaster. I managed to get shell in the cup before I even got any egg in there. Absolute nightmare.


The view from the ferry down the Marlborough sounds.
Swimming in the river.
The view from our van, on our first night in the campervan. Pretty amazing. Such a peaceful place.


Driving John’s massive car along the empty straight roads of Western Australia.
Seeing wild, baby emus.
Listening podcasts in the tent.


The beautiful day. Pure blue sky, no wind and it felt quite warm again.
The smell of a French campsite in summer, reminding me of all my wonderful relaxing holidays with my parents.
The Noble Family. Especially the Mexican version of a Michael Jackson song at the end credits.


Mid winter Christmas, take two.
The smell of slightly burning pans which reminded me of camping with my family.
Sitting in the sunlight on the sofa reading a magazine about feminism.


The beautiful bright yellow tree just outside our campervan this morning.
Stopping at Wanaka lake to take photos. It was gorgeous.
Parking at a DOC site in the middle of a valley with clouds drifting around the mountains, a fire pit on our pitch and a short walk through the mossy forest.


The sheep sounds that play to you as you arrive in Christchurch airport.
Listening to Fuse ODG. On repeat.
Picking up the campervan. It’s huge!

gorgeous house in cley norfolk

Final day of our perfect little holiday in the sun with all my family.

Another beautiful walk along the coast, looking at birds, talking about religion and picnicking in the long grass

A coffee ice-cream (the best flavour of all time. Fact)

The gorgeous local store in Cley

The gorgeous house in Cley that will one day be ours

The clear blue skies that lasted all day

Taking my shoes and socks off after our walk


norfolk coastal walk

Another day of hundreds of smiles.

A beautiful coastal walk with my parents

Seeing the steam train chug past

All the family sat together to celebrate a birthday and reminisce about previous years

Remembering all over again just why I’m so proud to be part of this caring, liberal and honest family

camping family

Today was the first day of three days camping with all my family in a gorgeous little campsite in Norfolk. Everything about this makes me smile

The sun was out

I got to see my parents

I played with three tiny cousins for the first time

I ate halloumi

I got to talk about our travel plans constantly


Smelling wood smoke then cut grass on a little walk in the sun and getting excited about going camping with all my family this weekend


The dinner I made this evening was surprisingly delicious. I couldn’t stop eating it. I don’t normally think my cooking is anything special but I really enjoyed eating it tonight.