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Sleeping next to him and waking up next to him. A really cuddly night. It was really nice.

The explanation for why my birthday card was late from my brother. That damn racoon is always causing trouble…

A day of cleaning and sorting and putting up photos. It felt semi productive. It’s a good starting point at least.

A wonderful letter and bad ass card from Han to cheer me up, telling me all the amazing things I’ve done and why she loves me. Plus some great photos of the fun times! She’s so lovely.

Finishing mum’s embroidered Christmas present. Now they both have a top with their boat logo on!

A night out for Stuart’s birthday. We went to Shep’s, ate delicious food, chatted to James, got free cocktails and shots and a discount too! Then some extremely drunk but very good sex when we eventually got home. From what I can remember anyway

A card from my parents. The artwork is so similar to mine from uni.

My lovely doctor. I really liked him.

I went to the gym. Operation positive is on.

Drake card

Vietnamese fish.

Being happy with me. I’m happy. I’m good. I like me.


He’s home!
He remembered our anniversary and gave me a lovely card.
Having everyone together in the flat for the first time in ages.


Going to New Brighton Beach for a lovely sunny walk and spying the snow topped mountains behind us.
The flight was, as usual, a bit scary fire my but we saw some absolutely amazing views on the way, the huge range of snowy mountain tops, the sounds, the Strait, the sunset and the clouds.
The card from our friend back home filled with the tiniest writing possible.


After a nap spooned up with my boyfriend we both rolled over and at the same time bent one leg, then the other and then wiggled our hips. I liked how exactly symmetrical our movements were.

My new rucksack for travelling (the other one wasn’t right. But this one definitely is). After I tried it on I walked around the shop with a big smile on my face. It’s The One.

When he showed me a card that said ‘I love you so much I want to squish your face’


One of the cards I made for next weekend particularly tickled me.

A surprise Malteaser bunny

A giggling, tickling fit


Looking around at all my lovely friends that came out for my birthday celebration.

The ‘modern art’ handmade card from a friends boyfriend.

Fresh mint tea. And carrot cake.


Seeing old friends I should see more often.

A funny and rude Christmas card at the craft fair.

Getting my free glue gun through the post from my brother and making a cork bowl.

have a lovely day card belvoir fruit farm

Found these lovely little cards on the Belvoir Fruit Farms website.

I won a competition!

This stupidly funny video about emu’s at a petting zoo. I love the fact the emu’s faces look like they are laughing, I love the girls reaction when the emu suddenly appears after the ‘five minutes later’ and I loved discovering the unknown species known as ‘water moccasins’.