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A late morning nap.

Moldova’s Eurovision song.

Cheesy potato croquettes.

Jeanie showed me her belly and was much more relaxed with me.

The poem on the Patchwork email.

A different shape of pasta.

The vets all being very impressed with Jeannie’s full name. “Surname?” “Mine is the cats?”

A cuddle puddle with Tash and Jeannie.

Offensive bin.

Walking in the sun to Dalston. I love London in the sun.

Meeting Jonny and Alex and seeing how cute and happy they are together.

A bath, with Jeannie.

Playing with Jeanie and giving her a little stroke.

Lying on my bed, reading and watching the clouds.

Dinner with Jonny and it felt just like normal times.

Chris buying me a slice of cake and bringing me a cup of tea.

Christmas flavoured chocolate.

Stroking Jeanie.

A cuddly morning in bed.

Tickling and poking on buses and a day of just being together.

My birthday comedy suprise night! Plus red wine.

Vaginaments. I need these.
My first Thai massage. So crack-y.

The loud cat that snuck in and gave me the vicious meow. And the following WhatsApps. 


Powerpuff us!
Making some headway on organising the hub.
Accidentally befriending the neighbouring cat out the window. Now he won’t leave.


Rubbing heads with the cat.
Feeling part of the house.


I love your cat poster.
Getting free wood and some absolute bargains at the charity shop for our camper conversion.
Skyping mum and dad.


This weird double lemon that looks a bit like lemony testicles.
A silly song on YouTube
The cat giving me ‘love bites’.


Watching the cat try to stalk a fly. And failing.
Having a nice colleague for my first day at my second job.
A selfie of mum and dad in London, waiting for le Tour de France to start.


The cat leaning on me and rubbing his face on my nose. He’s not normally this affectionate.
Bubble Pop by Hyuna. So catchy.
Spending the evening alone, wrapped up in blankets, jumpers and a hot water bottle, watching back to back Sex and the City.


Flowers from the sweetest customer.
Taking a moment to myself, looking up at the stars and enjoying the fresh air on the way home from work.
Stacking cards on top of the cat and our sleeping housemate.


A big parcel outside our room filled with our new coats.
The cat rubbing his head on my face.


This. Awful but kind of funny too.
All the street art in Christchurch, in place of buildings.
Teasing mum and winding her up like I’ve always done.