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Having lunch and Alan Davies walking in and sitting behind me.

Working on the booklet.

Being at the Dementia friendly event and feeling inspired. For work and home.

Met Rob Delaney.

Made volunteer Ben laugh.

Watching the Morris dancers and the Kurdish musicians.

The beautiful colours of autumn in Highgate woods.

Spotting Liam Gallagher in the woods. Twice.

Making a big veggie lasagne.

A successful Labia Lessons (eventually).

A walk in the evening, touching trees and listening to bird song.

Spotting Sara Pascoe and her dog.

Being recognised at the fabric shop.

The free sunflower from a lovely neighbour.

I made chive pancakes. Well, my version of.

P.s. and smiling at the guy who plays the instrument under the bridge. And he grinned back.

Dishoom breakfast with my main man. Totally free thanks to my leaving present of dishoom coins. Egg naans and chai all round!

Surprise 30th birthday party for my oldest friend.

Spending the evening chatting with a celebrity. Who then followed me on Instagram. No big deal. 


Signed up to Bumble. And got some matches. Bit of excitement!
Chatting to Jo on the phone for an hour. We never do that.
A day out of the office – spent it in a cafe with Corinne, getting a haircut and spotting John Hannah!


A day in the workshop learning antique furniture finishes. Spraying, painting and waxing. So cool.
Canada Water Street Feast with two babes. God I love Yum Buns.
Seeing that famous guy that I didn’t know.


I saw Simon Pegg at work.
Dinner at my cousin’s. Its been almost two years. She’s still as lovely as ever.
‘Can you come and see if the corridor smells like fox’ ‘urm sure…but I don’t know what fox smells like’


Listening to the Backstreet Boys in New World.  They play the oldest music in supermarkets here. So bizarre.
Having Christmas music on all day at work.
Going to see What We Do In The Shadows and then meeting and touching Jermaine!

Lovely image of a cloud hugging the sun.

Finishing both my jobs by 6.10. Time to turn off the laptop.

An email from a celebrity that I love. And it had a kiss on the end!


Going for dinner with a friend that I hardly ever see, but should see way more of

St Paul’s Cathedral at night. Again. I just love it.

Getting the email address of a famous person I admire, for work reasons. But I love having it in my phone. Fingers crossed she replies.

Image: cybaea


Going into STA Travel and finding out more about our trip away. Goodbye stressful job, hello world!

Getting all feminist and empowered at the fundraising event for my friend’s amazing girls football project.

Chatting to a minor celebrity at the fundraising event and making her laugh. Win.