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Dumplings with Han and a walk through Soho before her train.

Going for a walk and talking to the squirrels that came up so close to me. They’re so plump now it’s getting colder.

Free pizza for lunch!

Sitting on the sunny bench at lunch time and the squirrel that came to check me out.

Going to a new salon and getting a good haircut. The place was beautiful and they used organic products.

Going into central at night and walking along Oxford Street, looking at the beautiful buildings and feeling the buzz.

Jonny and the Baptists at the Soho Theatre.

The sunlight shining through the bathroom mist this morning.

Green green leaves above the buses on the Strand.

Walking through a new bit of the woods on the walk back home.

First time at Maltby St Market. So lovely.

Amazing coffee. Made me realise how bad other coffees have been recently.

The beautiful warm sunshine, walking back home through central London.

​More beers in the sun

Strangely, a night with Zoe that made me feel better. Fuck all that shit.

Walking through central London alone on a hot night. Being offered £5 to slap someone. I love London. Its so beautiful.

Oh and then coming home to another hilarious Good Eggs conversation involving drunk me and new fonts.

(And actually, considering that this morning I was sad and crying and now I’ve got 4 good things, this has been a fantastic turnaround of a day)


A day with people I like. Away from the estate.
A sunny lunch with Bradnam in the park.
An evening on the Southbank and London nighttime walking.