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Free chai and chaat at the event today.

A big fart.

Elliott remembering me at the salon.

Moving slow. Really slow.

Dishoom with Sarah. Food. Toilets. Chai.

Asking for help on Instagram. And receiving it.

Sitting in the sun with a chai after the session, waiting for the train.

Walking through Manchester. Such a beautiful city.

A delicious dinner in the pretty hotel restaurant. I still can’t quite get over how beautiful this place is. And everything is free for me!

Dishoom breakfast with my main man. Totally free thanks to my leaving present of dishoom coins. Egg naans and chai all round!

Surprise 30th birthday party for my oldest friend.

Spending the evening chatting with a celebrity. Who then followed me on Instagram. No big deal. 

The sun came out!

I made another gif of myself. This time, bridge dancing. It makes me laugh heaps.

SO. MANY. DOGS. And beers. And incredible Indian food. And free masala tea. And beautiful buildings. And a cheese vending machine.


Found a crafty sewing shop. And it’s lovely.
Skyped my parents and they looked healthy and happy sat in their sunny garden.
A cup of choco-chai and a chat on Cuba.


Going out for brunch and having the best eggs and salmon I’ve ever had.
Walking arm in arm, drinking a delicious homemade, organic chai from the new Mister Chai caravan.
The blog about feminism and rape culture that my boyfriend put up on Facebook.