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Going back and finding the 20c on the floor at Auckland airport so we could scrape all our last coins together to buy a bottle of water.
Singing along to ‘Call Me Maybe’ together on a little food high.
Landing in Beijing over Chinese New Year and seeing fireworks going off all around the plane and all over the city. Such an amazing thing to see. Happy Chinese New Year!


Sitting and chatting over a free hot drink in between the Chinese exhibitions at Te Papa.  The sun was shining and we were giggling.
Being in a creative environment, walking around looking at the art work of Shi Lu.
Sharing my emotional breakthrough with my boyfriend and him being so happy and so proud of me.


Hearing my boss say nice things about me at the leaving breakfast

Wandering through China Town for no real reason but massively enjoying the red lanterns.

The incredible raspberry, creamy, jammy, hobnoby desert that our friend brought round. Absolutely delicious.

Image: Martin Argles for the Guardian