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Shopping during work hours. Stripes for days.

Ivan’s chocolate biscuits.

Sewing the fire mitt for mum and dad.

Walking to work through the park in the morning sun. It cheered me up more than I thought it would.

Mum is fine! Thank god.

Watching a film by myself in the living room. Plus a couple of chocolate biscuits.

Leaving work when it’s so late for a second day in a row. 

And I have tomorrow off! First day in 11 days. I can’t wait!

Home baked gooey biscuits, just out the oven.

mandarin duck

Smelling wood smoke from one of the boats on the canal

Seeing my favourite type of duck, the Mandarin Duck, out on the canal. And fighting his corner for some bread.

Chocolate biscuits. Probably one too many. But they’re so good.

Image: Shanek54