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​Did some lino printing with Jonny at my house. I did vaginas and he did a SICK Drake.

Had a nap at work.

Chocolate Oatly. Yum.


Dobble. Best game ever.
A night in with Hannah and Corinne. Spatula lolz and high pitch bullying.
Colin Caterpillars, chocolate thingies, raspberry rolls and Cornettos. A healthy afternoon at LCR.


Triple chocolate cookies
My beautiful walk home in the sunshine, past all the pretty houses.


I like my new young assistant. He’s so polite and helpful. We all had a great, productive day together finishing the painting and starting the cleaning. It’s all coming together.
A bath. With vegan chocolate, a book and candles. A cliché but a good one.
The hummus at lunch. All the hummus.


The two wonderful volunteers who turned up, out the blue, for a short time and just got stuck in ripping up the floor and painting for the first thing.
The very last bit of the train journey
Turning up at Hannah’s parents house and finding a chocolate bunny by the bed and a hot water bottle in it. So cute.


Doing all the things to make me feel better today. Namely:
The cheap and delicious chocolate custard cake.
Sacking off work and just getting lots of life admin shit done – new passport ordered, food bags picked up, books donated, people responded to, face mask…urm…masked.
Then some creative shit. Sketching from the nude photographs I had done and watching a funny video about whittling. Then a smidge of learning some French.


A night with Becky, getting dungarees, a curtain and giggles
A proper dinner at home. With a colourful salad. I think I’m settling.
Alpro soya dark chocolate pots. I’m buying them forever.


Tiramisu at work. Yes please.
‘Tug valve twice for no’
Cerviche. Again. Delicious coffee cocktail, incredible chocolate dessert and such a happy barman.


A chocolate crispie cake
Bashing out a few surveys quickly. It felt good to get some done.


Lying in the park in the sun. Maybe summer isn’t completely over.
The chocolate mousse at lunch time. Best mousse I’ve ever eaten.
Being carried down the stairs upside down and back to front.


Hearing the New Zealand accent again
An evening of Belgian things. Stoemp, chocolate, beer and Emmanuel.
Accidentally getting drunk on a Tuesday night


Being back in Bow.
The rum and raisin chocolate tiffin from the Dalston Darlings W.I.


Half cooked chocolate thing from Planet Organic
Nice Irish people at the party


He bought me an Easter egg!
New friends in Emmanuel and Alec.
Charity shop shopping


Wrapping up Christmas chocolates!
Just felt really happy today at work. Kept smiling for no reason and felt so positive.


Going for a walk up the hill, in the sun and out the wind, smelling wild garlic and pines, stepping in mud and on spongy moss.
Chocolate cake.
In sync with my boyfriend.


Someone coming into work to tell me how funny he thought my fish pun was.
Banana, cream and chocolate.
“I left work early and I thought ‘oh good, I get to spend more time with you’ “


My parents arrived! It’s been 10 months since I’ve seen then and it was amazing to see them, hug them, talk to them.
The crazy but awesome apartment we rented that’s decorated like it’s the 70’s.
Mum bought us Minstrels! 


Finally got my FairPhone
Finally got the Beyoncè album
My flatmate bought a tub of chocolate ice cream home for me


Waking up to this lovely message from my boyfriend

Reading the sweet blog post my boss wrote about me and how sad she is that I’m leaving. It’s always nice to be appreciated.

The smell of light rain on warm pavements. The true smell of British summer.






I discovered Gemma Correll and her brilliant illustrations. I like them all so much I couldn’t choose just one image. But I did limit myself to five.

I woke up to a message that I could work from home today. Hurrah! More time spent in my pyjamas and under the duvet. Exactly what I wanted.

Dinner and giggles with a close friend who bought round some Reece’s Pieces. Which I’ve never had before. But they are delicious. And I don’t even like peanut butter.


A walk around Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, featuring this tree that I believe has just told a rude joke

My boyfriend lying next to me and stroking my face as I woke up

Some ridiculously delicious chocolate

20130330-222706.jpgSeeing two ducks fight over a lady duck. Never seen it before.

Feeding the ducks on the canal. Fun no matter what age you are

Homemade chocolate brownie i.e. butter, chocolate and sugar. Yes please


The sun came out! Briefly. But I saw it.

A tickle fight on the sofa

My boyfriend brought home a box of Malteasers. They didn’t last long.


One of the cards I made for next weekend particularly tickled me.

A surprise Malteaser bunny

A giggling, tickling fit


Having a clean kitchen floor

A Milkybar bunny

Pancakes with friends. Lots of pancakes. And lovely friends.


The Death by Chocolate I had in the near by cafe. It was so chocolatey. Obviously.

Reading the papers over a cup of tea, in a new cafe, with my boyfriend, when I was supposed to be working.

Having him wash my hair in the bath


Being told that someone thinks I’m good enough at my job to want to poach me for their own company.

Spending a peaceful half an hour in Paperchase looking for and Buying a new diary for 2013. Finally I can start making plans! God I love stationary.

Cuddling up with my boyfriend on the sofa, with the duvet, in our pyjamas, eating chocolate and watching a film. The film was The Notebook though so now we’re both crying uncontrollably but it was nice to spend time together.


Going for dinner with my boyfriend and spending some nice time together after a hectic weekend. Pus I love going out for a meal and we never do it anymore.

Then going for desert somewhere else. And then a hot chocolate somewhere else. My hot chocolate was essentially just melted chocolate and it was incredible.

Walking through tourist London around Leicester Square with all the Christmas lights, Beyonce playing on my iPod and just feeling good.


Eating Skips for the first time in ages.

The party. The gin, the talking, the friends and singing Pulp really loudly.

Getting a Kinder Beuno for the bargain price of 50p.