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Going over to Stuart’s to put up his Christmas decorations. 

Watching him play Assassin’s Creed. I’ve missed that game. 

The gaydar Mortified podcast. 


Christmas bench at the station.

Sitting in the sun on the platform. It was surprisingly warm, considering the frosty morning. 

Christmas arrived at the house. We put up the tree, decorated it and ate mince pies listening to Christmas songs. It’s the first time we’ve all been there together for more than 10 minutes for months. 

Vaginaments. I need these.
My first Thai massage. So crack-y.

The loud cat that snuck in and gave me the vicious meow. And the following WhatsApps. 


Christmas balls.
Folies Bergère.
Being alone together for the first time in a while.


The Christmas tree decoration that was made for my nan. She might be on the other side of the world but a little bit of her is here with us.
My dad. Watching him nap curled up in a ball in the big chair and going for a drive with him and chatting.
Racing on the lilos in the pool.


The tiny Lego hedgehog.
Putting up Christmas decorations with the kids and dancing along to Christmas songs.
Meeting Chelsea’s parents. Still sounding Scottish after 48 years in Australia.


Making up our bed in the van for the first time.
‘Freash bread’ in the Love/Hate game.
The rocking unicorn dressed up as Rudolf.


Putting up Christmas decorations at work. Feels strange doing it in summer though.
The view, or lack of, out the window and across Wellington. The low cloud meant I couldn’t see further than the house in front. We could have been on the edge of a cliff.
A mini mince pie to start the day with.


Putting up Christmas decorations at work for our mid-winter Christmas. Festive songs on loud, mini mince pies still warm from the oven and lots of tinsel. What could be better!
Walking around a beautiful fabric store, stroking all the gorgeous materials and dreaming about what I’m going to make.
Talking about my mum and realising how similar we are and also just how amazing she is.


Going for dinner with my boyfriend and spending some nice time together after a hectic weekend. Pus I love going out for a meal and we never do it anymore.

Then going for desert somewhere else. And then a hot chocolate somewhere else. My hot chocolate was essentially just melted chocolate and it was incredible.

Walking through tourist London around Leicester Square with all the Christmas lights, Beyonce playing on my iPod and just feeling good.