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I got a day’s work tomorrow! So glad I asked.

Set up a vagina tshirt shop. Got five orders already. Check it out.

Prahmas. All the food, all the present and, randomly, all the singing. 


Boozy Christmas in Hither Green.
Funny cycling hats and drunk selfies in them.
The messages in the Christmas group before we got there. ‘You know 53 is not a complete address, right?’


The wonderful, amazing, brilliant day we had running our first pop-up. It went perfectly – loads of people, tons of laughs and just an all round success. Really proud of myself and my friend. We did it!

Christmas dinner with our friends. Food, crackers, food, games and food. A wonderful end to the day.

The ADORABLE puppy that came into the pop up and stayed for ages. We didn’t want it to leave.