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Our work Christmas lunch. Fire on the TV, songs on the old CD player and cheese twists.

Tidying the cleaning cupboard. I’ve chucked away so much stuff!

Dinner at Itto with Jen and Fiona. Plus churros and a snowball fight.

Jonny left and I had the place to myself.

Sean and I ordered stuff for pegging.

Unwinding a toilet roll the fastest in the community safety team Christmas party!

Reading on the sofa as the rain fell heavily outside.Apple pie and custard. Before the mould.Home alone and an early night.

Delicious ramen with Jana.

Brie. It’s Christmas afterall.

A back massage from Lib whilst discussing last night’s antics.

The fun work Christmas party. Secret santa, good food, aggressive bowling and lots of giggles.

My friends Instagram about her dog licking a hole into his dick.

Messages from James.

Good Egg Christmas party!

Charades with the extra round behind the towel.

All the food and the silver jam tarts and the big brie and the homemade veggie rolls

The fun team’s work Christmas party. Table football, rude charades and some shots.

Kissing Stella. Total babe.

Delicious pizza

Telling Andrew I’m not coming back to the office

Tea and shortbread at Jo’s

Planning Egg Christmas with Jonny.

Plus Beard chat with home friends.

Volunteering for Bloody Good. Going and setting up their new extra storage unit. I didn’t really want to go out on the rain but it was really good and I’m so glad I did it.

Being interviewed by Jinan about my vulva t-shirts for their Christmas newsletter. After a day of doing lots of vagina and BOW work. It’s great to have this time to work on all this stuff.

The KBT Christmas party. Pizza, cheese, tequila and beer pong. Highlight was chucking around aaaalllll the balls. And my vulva present from Jen.

Today was a day of so many smiles.

Remembering last night and the girlfriend chat.

Getting an interview for a job I really want.

Being asked to write a blog for a feminist site and being approached by an award winning feminist podcast to talk about my vulva t-shirts.

Going to a Christmas party where I talked about vaginas and air pollution.

Having Stuart meet my friends and then stay at my house, where he said really sweet stuff to me. I like this guy.

I got a day’s work tomorrow! So glad I asked.

Set up a vagina tshirt shop. Got five orders already. Check it out.

Prahmas. All the food, all the present and, randomly, all the singing. 


Boozy Christmas in Hither Green.
Funny cycling hats and drunk selfies in them.
The messages in the Christmas group before we got there. ‘You know 53 is not a complete address, right?’


The Christmas party. So many smiles. We got Andrew to dance! Zena sang directions to the pub as the time warp. I ate a lot of turkey. ‘There’s a poo in there!’ And Norwood likes me.
A beautiful lit up tree on the way home.


Well placed articles
Another Christmas party. With James laughs and Rachel stupidity.
Christmas outfits on bitmoji. Yass!


Christmas lunch in Hackney. This wasn’t even all of it.
Another rowdy day of not much work.
Unreasonably long.


Cake pop. Second breakfast.
Patchwork Christmas party. Wine, feminists and Liv.
Jay. The loveliest man on earth.