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A soya mocha. Wanky and delicious. And exactly what I wanted.

A big curry with everyone. And Ciaran. He makes me laugh.

A text from dad, asking me to dinner.

The kid who threw his ice cream on the floor. And that stamped on it.

Reading a piece about the French loving spending time on their own. Just before I’m about to go to France on my own. 

Coffee milkshake.

A coffee with Jo

Bridge photos on Good Eggs. ‘On a bridge, LOOKING AT A BRIDGE’

Finding Coral Courage lipstick.

Playing piano tiles with Ismay. Too exciting.

Becky is home! 

Sharing a cup of decaf around before bed, like it was something illicit. 


Booking Portugal places. #holiday
Late night coffee and cake. Feels so extravagant.
It’s happened. The Cliff Richard story breaks. Finally.


Breakfast in the garden. Toast, fresh coffee, a magazine and sunshine.
Cutting the grass with the strimmer.
Lee Miller: A Women’s War at the Imperial War Museum. The cycle powered hairdressers made me smile. And the production of Vogue in the 1940’s.  And just what a badass she was.


The lovely volunteer that baked a cake and bought it in, still warm, for us to snack on as we painted the hub. Plus tea and fresh coffee.
Joking around with the builders. They are really nice guys.
White walls at work. It looks so much better. We got a lot done today.


Poo stories. My friend sharted and then I farted loudly in yoga. Too many laughs.
A coffee and a book. By myself, for myself.
I touched a genuine bar of gold.


Brunch date. Delicious food. Lots of giggles. Great coffee.
Shopping with Ciaran and Alec.
Curtain drama is over. Possibly. Thank god for the Europeans.


My new haircut. And style. That made me laugh all the way to the station.
The head massage
Hot cross bun and a coffee I made myself for a mid morning snack. Whilst listening to 6music play Bowie tributes.


Dinner with Laura plus an espresso Martini
Puzzle time, not snack time
A delicious flat white for the first time in ages.


The early morning coffee and almond croissant. I couldn’t have coped without them.
Getting home and being able to relax.


My ‘Fuck You World’ cream tea breakfast.
Having everyone walk out of my way as I raged across Hungerford Bridge, admiring the disappearing building tops.
Going up a weight number at the gym.


Breakfast out.
Dinner with Holly. Plus wine.
A little bit of Facebook love.


This cool London skyline in the window.
Going for a coffee by myself at lunch time.
Finding a programme that had both compulsive cleaners AND hoarders. WIN.


I shaved his head.
Going for an impromptu coffee on the way back from shopping.


Healthy, colourful dinner.
Frozen coffee. So ridiculously delicious.
Going back over to the other side of the market in the afternoon and people looking happy to see me and chatting to me. That made me feel good.


Dinner at Gavin and Ryan’s
A Vietnamese coffee


Lying in the sun on the edge of lake Wanaka, relaxing after the days of walks.
Swimming in lake Wanaka.
The lovely mocha. Great coffee, lots of chocolate.


At the beginning of the month we give a free coffee to our regular customers and it’s always a nice day. But today one of my favorite customers, a woman who has been coming in more and more, had her first free coffee from us and was so touched. She said it made her day and that kind of made mine.
Finding out I definitely have a pay rise and it wasn’t just a mistake on my invoice!
Everyone being in good moods at work. It just makes the day so much happier.


Arranging for any leftover food at work to be donated to the women’s refuge down the road.
Someone took the coffee grinds I put outside of work for their compost heap. It’s working! Recycling and waste elimination is coming to the Deli.
An email from one of my best friends back home.


Making coffees at work today. And making them good!
Meeting my boyfriend on the way home from work
Discovering an app called Happy Poo Flap. What the what?


An afternoon mocha. Even if I did feel a little bit too jittery and sick afterwards.

Counting up how much money I’ve earned this month by doing a job I hate

We had a lovely man called Peter in with us at work today. He made me laugh. And he diluted the annoying boy in the office. He can come back anytime.



Sitting on the floor in the Southbank Centre, chatting to my boyfriend

A long awaited mocha to sooth my hangover

Watching my boyfriend flop around and twitch as he slept on the tube

Image: The Ritz-Carlton


The smell of coffee beans. Well, instant coffee but still, it smells lovely.

Not sure why, but I was smiling the whole way from the office to the tube. Could have been the music, the bright blue sky or knowing I was going to spend the afternoon with my boyfriend.

The Rain Room at the Barbican. Just. Amazing.