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Making this print of my favourite quote. I’m going to get it printed and framed when I have money.

The excitement of going to see a flat. Even if it didn’t turn out as we’d hoped.

An evening of chats, biscuits, embroidery and Sarah Millican with Jo.

Writing a press release. And sending it out to famous people and publications. Exciting scary.

Going to see Sofie Hagen with Jo. Even the awkward bit at the end where I told her about my vulva t-shirts. 

A phone call because he didn’t have time to text today. And a ‘cant wait to see you’. It made my tummy flip and put a big smile on my face. 

Sarah Millicon on QI

Face swap on SnapChat

A massage on my head


Bridget Christie’s stand up show. Flapjacks!
New bedding. Fluffy pillows, a soft duvet and a fair trade blanket.
A Muji bin. Because why not.


Josie Long.


A clean toilet. FINALLY.
Music. All day. And dancing around the house alone to it.
‘From the people that bought you Timbuk 1…’


Cleaning up at work, breaking the mop and laughing so hard I almost wet myself.
Making up lyrics to ‘This Old Man’.
Josie Long. Always.