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Listening to the Fish live podcast for Comic Relief.

Banana pancakes.

Walking and talking with Jo. It felt good to get out a few things that have been going round my head for a few days.


Not just one lot of double tea bags, but two. I love it when we get tea bags that are still connected.
Comic Relief. What a night.
Spending time together today, just the two of us.


We had a dog in the office! And he’s amazing.

Some surprise dance hall on the radio in the morning that got me dancing around the flat

Watching Comic Relief. Still amazing after 25 years.

smiles per hour

The sign my friend photographed in Australia.

The lovely man at the coffee shop who accepted the money I had for tea and carrot cake, rather than how much it actually cost.

Listening to the Scott Mills podcast and hearing how much money listeners had raised for Comic Relief.