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A robin came and sat on my windowbox and looked in at me as I dried my hair.

Being congratulated by my big boss for a good meeting. And a bit of a win over the stupid councillors.

A comment on this blog from someone who hadn’t quite expected to find information about me moisturising my vulva. I forget that other people read this. I’ve always seen it as something for me. But hi, if you’re reading this.


This comment from Anonymous on my blog two days ago. I marked it as spam but it really made me laugh. Especially as I wasn’t even talking about Superman the man or comic, but The Superman, that silly gymnastic move where you pretend to fly on someone’s feet. But I guess everyone feels passionately about something…. Right? FYI, the word ‘SUCKS’ goes on and on and on.
Listening to Jake Bugg in the shower after work.
Buttery mashed potato.


This comment. I do this blog for me, to keep me happy and positive. But it sure is nice when someone else thinks it’s a good thing too. Thank you lovely commenter, you really made me smile today.
It’s International Women’s Day today. Which always makes me smile. But this article is great.
My final working day of my first working week in 8 months. Weekend tomorrow!