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Foggy windows and early morning sun.

Jana coming to visit for lunch and getting to cuddle a light baby. Also her comment ‘she’s either a bitch or Dutch’.

Walking through Aster meadow on my way home and seeing the stile. It’s still a favourite view on my way home.

Finding two £10 notes on the walk to work.

Sitting in the sun for lunch, by the canal.

Deciding to walk home along the canal too. Just for a bit.

The beautiful sky on the walk to work this morning.

New Muji stationery. Whoops. Couldn’t help myself.

Pressing the curtains seams in the living room and hanging out with housemates.

Walking to work through the park in the morning sun. It cheered me up more than I thought it would.

Mum is fine! Thank god.

Watching a film by myself in the living room. Plus a couple of chocolate biscuits.

Period! And without all the usual hormones and pain. Very bizarre. But right on time. Can’t believe it’s finally settled into a pattern.

Still walking to work with a smile on my face. Especially over that bridge in the sun. I think I might be my favourite view in London. Can’t believe I’m enjoying working with children so much.

Watched The Martian with Matt and Scarlett. Can’t believe I liked another film.

Bright autumn leaves on the walk home.

Being good at interviewing. I like being on this side of the table.

A big veggie stew on a baked potato with Bivan for dinner. Plus some wine. In front of Bake Off. 

And the smell of lavender in the fresh evening air.

Getting half way through my very delayed commute, in the rain and deciding to just enjoy the walk and forget about being annoyed because it doesn’t matter. That was a good feeling.

Having all the housemates together in the living room. For possibly the first time since Christmas. Lauren bullying Mike for being a t-shirt stained mess. Ivan sneezing into Becky and pulling a muscle. I made a great cereal protest joke. 

GIF-ing with Jen and James instead of doing any kind of work whatsoever. 

Also I just loved this vagina image from @rudooles 

Conversations about recycling sex toys. I’ve found my people.

Walked home.

Bought a nice coat. And some trainers. And a bra. 😬


Walking to to the station past the park and in the sun.
Sharing secrets and eating peanut butter ice cream with Jonny
Veep season 3. Finally.


Frosty walk through the park to work.
All the food at Dishoom. Especially those mini milk dessert things.
Salopettes! I’m gonna go skiing!


It felt like it was suddenly light late enough to walk home after work. So I did. And it was lovely.
Flights booked for our holiday to Chamonix. Hurrah!
Drinking a lot of milk. A LOT.


Just some casual deer on my walk to work.
Remembering the ridiculousness of last night with him and how utterly self involved he is. I probably shouldn’t have laughed in his face but….so ridiculous!
Another puzzle! This time with a time lapse camera.


Walking my new route to work. Past a Sylvanian Families shop and through the park with goats and deer.
Puzzle time at work. And we finished it!
Rochelle, in all her hilarious honesty, poo stories and boob photos.


A meditation moment. I’ll get there.
The walk that I wanted suddenly appeared for me. A much nicer start to the morning.
A slow walk and a nice chat with a good friend.


Accidentally ended up walking to work. It was actually nice to have some time to myself, be moving and see some streets I haven’t seen before.
A beer and a little pot of nuts at the hairdressers.
An amazing head massage. And a hairdressers that I didn’t have to talk to.


I stroked a lamb on the way to work.
“You can only eat an elephant in chunks.” Thanks dad.
A supermarket trip including parking problems, giggling and holding hands.


A happy day at work with plenty of loud laughing

A walk up to the park when I would normally have been working

Arriving at the station as the train is pulling, trying to go through the barriers, finding my Oyster card is empty, rushing to the machine to top it up, waiting for a receipt, legging it down the stairs and spectacularly leaping onto the train just as the doors as closing. Boom.

The fancy new Hammersmith and City line tube steaming into the station. Yes please, I will sit in a clean, new, bright tube for my commute.

Free fruit from work

Closing up the shop on my own and putting the metal shutter down for the first time. It’s the simple things.


This dog stencil on the wall of the office I was in. Random and adorable

Walking across London Bridge with all the commuters, in the early morning sun. I think I was the only one grinning like a loon, excited to finally be one of those classic London commuters.

Writing the list of rules for the new company office. Including one that reads ‘call each other cunt if appropriate’



The man commuting to work on a giant unicycle

Reduced price asparagus

The 100th episode of Grand Designs