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Making Hannah happy as the winner of the vibrators.

He wants me to be part of his meetings and branding sessions.

Watching the pottery final with Jonny.

I won a vibrator! Well, two. One for me and one for Han.

Beers and Vietnamese food with Jonny and Jo. Exactly what I needed.

Jonny went on a date and did lots of PDA and I’m really happy for him.

have a lovely day card belvoir fruit farm

Found these lovely little cards on the Belvoir Fruit Farms website.

I won a competition!

This stupidly funny video about emu’s at a petting zoo. I love the fact the emu’s faces look like they are laughing, I love the girls reaction when the emu suddenly appears after the ‘five minutes later’ and I loved discovering the unknown species known as ‘water moccasins’.