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A lovely message from a vulva fan.

Gusty’s leaving drinks. It was fun to be in a pub and laugh about silly things with old friends.

A new shower. Please please be better than the old one.

Back in my little park near my house.

35 minute yoga video.

Being complimented by my writing skills by the other MHAs.

Ioana said lovely things about the Period Party AND offered to pay my travel expenses too.

Adam. I’m so glad he was in today. He stopped me from beginning completely overwhelmed and anxious.

Buying flowers for my hairdresser.

A robin came and sat on my windowbox and looked in at me as I dried my hair.

Being congratulated by my big boss for a good meeting. And a bit of a win over the stupid councillors.

A comment on this blog from someone who hadn’t quite expected to find information about me moisturising my vulva. I forget that other people read this. I’ve always seen it as something for me. But hi, if you’re reading this.

Selling loads more vulvas.

Making origami ninja star advent calendars. The colours are lovely and it’s nice to do nice things for other people.

Getting a super lovely message from a woman about my page and how it’s helped educate her. So nice to hear.

The thunder and the sudden heavy rain after such a hot day.

Feet compliments.

The tiny yellow ladybird.

Lee complimented me on my dungarees by the printer. And then was suitably impressed when I told him I’d made them.

My ballsy OkCupid move. Didn’t work but it made me feel very powerful.

Some good love on the apps today.

A nice message

A lie in

A hair cut

Duvet vulva

Reading the letter from my gynaecologist to my GP that describes me as ‘a delightful 30 year old lady’.

First date. Fun. If way too drunk.

Jo, saying lovely things about me

Getting the good seat at work

The cheap delicious flat white in the collapsible cup

A lovely coffee in the sun with Jo and deciding to set up Bloody Women. Or something similar.

Volunteering at BGP. I wasn’t really looking forward to it but it was actually really nice.

An afternoon with Jen. Sun walks, a picnic in the park and Floundering with Maria.

Getting this message from someone on This is a Vagina. So lovely.

Yep. Four today. It’s been a lovely day.

Mostly being out the office today. Which was great considering I was so tired and could not have spent the day infront of my screen.

My boss telling me how great I am. Always nice to hear.

The end of Wild Wild Country. So good. So confusing.

Doing better than I thought I would today. An interview down, a lovely description of me to Nick and she wasn’t as bad as yesterday. Maybe I can stick this out.

Shep’s for Jo’s birthday dinner. Delicious korean food!

Telling him about BOW. I didn’t expect him to cry. 

Gindependance day party! 

Minimalist beer.

Being told I’m radiant. By two super lovely and super hot women.

​Such a ridiculously beautiful day. So sunny.

Making that paper. Yes to cleaning.

Liv said nice things about my writing.


The daffodils in my room
A new job? Maybe.
But also being told that I stood out as a brilliant, clever and quick thinking person in the interview for my current job. It was nice to hear that.


Meeting the man from the amazing iced tea company. Got some free samples and maybe even a job in January.
Beautiful person.
Dinner out with all of us for W’s birthday. Lots of laughter and tons of food.


Jo saying that I was really good at my interview practise. It made me feel a lot more positive.
Napping on the sofa.
Jonny’s omelette attempt.


The lovely woman at lunch who gave me advice about my interview.
Going to see their shop for the first time. I LOVE the safe in the toilet.
Being told I look nice.


Watching the Stonedine infomercial.
A quick lick of ice cream at work.
A woman at work telling me I have a very pretty name. I liked her. I gave her extra croutons for her soup.


Showing mum and dad the farmers market.
Bumping into a customer from work who told my parents what a lovely woman I am. Which is always nice to hear.
Going for dinner with people we spent Christmas with but who we didn’t really know. It was so nice to have new people to talk look to and they are so lovely. Plus the food was delicious. 


Being told my haircut suits me by another customer. One of those things that you can’t hear enough.
The boss leaving us on our own this afternoon. We still worked hard but we also had a giggle and felt more relaxed without her there.
Looking in the bank and seeing both our wages in there!


Licking out the bowl for the chocolate cake mixture at work.
Being told my haircut really suits me. Which is nice because you always feel a bit self conscious after you chop it all off.
My colleague saying I’m an oasis of calm and react well in stressful situations. Which made me laugh because that’s not how anyone back home would describe me. The meditation must be working!


The new Good Magazine
Someone telling me they liked my dress
Catching sight of my new haircut in the mirror and thinking ‘yeah, I like that’


Waking up to this lovely message from my boyfriend

Reading the sweet blog post my boss wrote about me and how sad she is that I’m leaving. It’s always nice to be appreciated.

The smell of light rain on warm pavements. The true smell of British summer.


We had a dog in the office! And he’s amazing.

Some surprise dance hall on the radio in the morning that got me dancing around the flat

Watching Comic Relief. Still amazing after 25 years.


Hearing my boss say nice things about me at the leaving breakfast

Wandering through China Town for no real reason but massively enjoying the red lanterns.

The incredible raspberry, creamy, jammy, hobnoby desert that our friend brought round. Absolutely delicious.

Image: Martin Argles for the Guardian


Being told how much fun I was last night. Which is always nice to hear.

The sun. Bright and warm and very welcomed as winter starts to fade away (hopefully)

You’ve Been Framed. Always.


Being told that someone thinks I’m good enough at my job to want to poach me for their own company.

Spending a peaceful half an hour in Paperchase looking for and Buying a new diary for 2013. Finally I can start making plans! God I love stationary.

Cuddling up with my boyfriend on the sofa, with the duvet, in our pyjamas, eating chocolate and watching a film. The film was The Notebook though so now we’re both crying uncontrollably but it was nice to spend time together.


Hearing that someone likes the work I do.

Going for a midday walk and listening to a song that always makes me smile – I’m looking at you Oli Murs, no matter how embarrassing it is to admit that.

My friend’s baby was finally born! Only 10 days late but then the coolest kids always arrive late to the party.