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Photos of people asleep on the tube. This made me laugh so much on the bus that I continued laughing all the way home and even made a collage of my favourites.
“It is I, Claire. Who do you require?”
Arriving home to find a food waste bin outside every door. Hurrah!


Arranging for any leftover food at work to be donated to the women’s refuge down the road.
Someone took the coffee grinds I put outside of work for their compost heap. It’s working! Recycling and waste elimination is coming to the Deli.
An email from one of my best friends back home.

Lone worm in wormery compost

Riding around the park, in the Autumn sun on Boris Bikes

Sewing elbow patches onto my jumper

Finding a worm that is alive in my wormery. There is hope for my composting dreams yet.