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Happy leaf.
Emily, our housemates friend, who talked about interesting things, facts and stories all evening. So nice to talk about different stuff. Plus she’s so articulate.
Going out for dinner.


Decided to not bail on tonight’s plans and was really glad I didn’t. Left the house grinning, excited to not be sat at home looking at my laptop and thinking about all the things I should be doing

An evening of feminist chat and heartfelt confessions with a close friend. And maybe a little bit too much pale ale.

Coming home to a drunken conversation with my boyfriend


A lady popped her head around the door of the shop today and asked what we did. Within 5 minutes she was having a cup of tea with us. A few hours later she left, after we had all laughed together, chatted together and made each other feel overwhelmingly positive. These are the sorts of people you should meet everyday.

A delicious fish cake and mashed potato for dinner

Lying together on the bed, chatting. Feels like ages since we’ve spent any relaxed time together.