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Scrotum car.

He said he really likes me. And he wants to see me.

The video for Corinne.

My brilliant friend, reporting on important and heartbreaking things in big newspapers. Very proud.

Wearing my dungarees again.

Vegan dinner. Rice rice rice.

Wearing my dungarees

Free Kindle Fire

Voice messages with Corinne

Sewing a vulva

Watching Dawson’s Creek

Having a couple of coffees with Corinne


Mum and dad.
The Alexander Calder exhibition at the Tate. So so amazing. I could have looked at those sculptures all day.
A night in with Corinne, Vietnamese food, beer and comfy clothes.


Jonny. Just Jonny. But also this bitmoji. I love him. I miss him.
Silent night. The goat version.
Corinne. Even when she can’t move because her neck is buggered, she still cheers me up.