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Getting some projects. And the freedom to think of creative new ideas for them.

The Darkest Hour. UP YER BUM!


Had a go on the wheel in pottery this evening. So much fun!

Being pleasantly surprised by people. Pauline outdid my clay vagina with her vagina cast.

New face cleaning. 


Doing all the things to make me feel better today. Namely:
The cheap and delicious chocolate custard cake.
Sacking off work and just getting lots of life admin shit done – new passport ordered, food bags picked up, books donated, people responded to, face mask…urm…masked.
Then some creative shit. Sketching from the nude photographs I had done and watching a funny video about whittling. Then a smidge of learning some French.


Sitting and chatting over a free hot drink in between the Chinese exhibitions at Te Papa.  The sun was shining and we were giggling.
Being in a creative environment, walking around looking at the art work of Shi Lu.
Sharing my emotional breakthrough with my boyfriend and him being so happy and so proud of me.