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The brazen morning fox, trotting along the pavement as I walked to work

The new series of Grace and Frankie on Netflix. I’ve been waiting for a long time for this!

Delicious salmon katsu curry accidentally followed by a delicious crêpe

Oh Tokyo. So many things.

The amazing coffee from our hostel.

The fish breakfast from the traditional little shop.

The shrine in Harajuku, walking through the big trees to get there.

The tiny puppies in the puppy hotel.

The apple crepe.

The view from the Lost in Translation bar.

Memory Lane and the delicious soba noodles.

Golden Gai and the tiny bar playing Spanish music.


The beautiful cloud formations on the plane.
Discovering the British passport has a UNICORN on it.
SNOW! Chamonix. FRANCE! Drinking hot wine outside with the stunning mountains in the background. The horse wearing a hat! The drummers. Touching a ski. Finding the crisps.
The ice hockey match. The shouting in French, the men, the crêpe, the fondue, the winning.

That’s loads more than three but it’s been such a fun day.


Me and my friends .
Crêpes and beers.
90’s music bingo.


The lovely wrap lady at work told me I had a lovely smile and that when I smile it makes her smile and makes her feel more positive.
The delicious crêpe I shared with Gavin for lunch.
Jo coming home!


Wearing my new dress from the swish and getting a few compliments on it.

Catching up with another old friend that I see even less than the friends that I saw yesterday.

Free (and delicious) crepes for dinner.

Image: Shutterbug London (the people who made the amazing crepes)