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A ‘smile’ postcard from my nan

Sleepy morning cuddles

The little mouse that was running around the tube station on the empty platform

chicken garden

Working from my boss’s garden, in the sun, with the birds singing, chickens roaming around and the smell of cut grass in the air

Having a complete stomach flip of excitement that we’re leaving in 5 weeks to go travelling the world. EEK!

Coming home to hug my boyfriend’s super warm body and feeling safe


Cuddles with my boyfriend’s 7 month old nephew

Manchego cheese at afternoon tea

Gossiping and in jokes with the in-laws



Watching the fox that likes to hang around the building

Going out onto the balcony for a little while as the sun shone

My boyfriend coming home after work when I didn’t think he was going to. Cuddles on the sofa in front of Grand Designs and a very funny New Girl.


20130319-212602.jpgGetting to see my boyfriend before he left in the morning

Singing along to the Beatles alone in the office

A beer at work


Grabbed and squashed a fly out of the air like some kind of ninja

Seeing my boyfriend for the first time in two days and getting a hug

This song.

Meeting up with my wonderful cousin

Driving through a part of London I’ve never been through before

Getting to see my boyfriend again before he went out, when I didn’t think I was going to. An extra hug and kiss to make me smile.


French toast. Perfect for a hangover.

Cosy cuddles and snoozing.

I made a bag for my sister in law. And it turned out really well!


Being told that someone thinks I’m good enough at my job to want to poach me for their own company.

Spending a peaceful half an hour in Paperchase looking for and Buying a new diary for 2013. Finally I can start making plans! God I love stationary.

Cuddling up with my boyfriend on the sofa, with the duvet, in our pyjamas, eating chocolate and watching a film. The film was The Notebook though so now we’re both crying uncontrollably but it was nice to spend time together.


Spending some proper time alone with my boyfriend

Walking up Salisbury Crags (not Arthur’s Seat as we originally thought) and seeing the city under beautiful blue skies

Cuddles with the baby

Image: John in Scotland on Flickr


The view of the Forth Bridge lit up at night

Car cuddles

Ryan Gosling. Always.

Image: Ian Lambert


Getting up a bit earlier to spend some time with my boyfriend before work. With lots of hugs.

My boss accidentally burping. I had to keep stopping myself from bursting out with laughter for about 5 minutes.

Watching Home Alone with our friends.


Good morning cuddles

Finding a Secret Santa present really quickly. And it’s a good one.

Thinking that my boyfriend had shit himself. He hadn’t but it was still funny until the truth emerged.


Going back to bed for a cuddly hour nap in the morning.

Going for a drink with my colleagues after the event.

Hearing a few nice things said about me and my work over the course of the evening.

Image: thegloss


Meeting my boyfriend for his lunch break. He’s been working so much that it was lovely to see him for an hour.

Getting the money back for a pair of jeans that I didn’t want (read: couldn’t really afford in the first place).

Having the time to lie on the sofa with my boyfriend and just chat about things.

Image: Pearl Bucknall/Alamy

christmas is coming

A chat with a colleague I don’t normally talk to. And he treated me like an equal, not like the youngest member of the team.

A shiver of Christmas and winter excitement as I walked down the street.

Turning round in bed for a cuddle to end the day on a positive note.


A few more baby cuddles

A big Sunday lunch with most of his family

Discovering that Cabaret has come to London


The Geordies on the train. Their accent is great anyway but they had some very funny conversations about power stations. (You probably had to be there)

Meeting baby Theodore for the first time and having a cuddle

James Bond with his top off in off in Skyfall.


Seeing dad and getting a big daddy cuddle
Squelching through the mud in the woods on a walk with mum and dad
Sunday lunch cooked by mum, the best kind of Sunday lunch there is.


Coming home and giving mum a huge huge hug.
Spending the day with mum wandering around the village, chatting, looking in vintage shops and drinking tea.
Going out dancing with the girls for the first time in months and months – wine, heels, pop music and lots of shrieking.


Having my boyfriend home for the day and having cuddles and naps

FINALLY booking a Groupon voucher. You won’t get my money for nothing this time you bastards!

Getting a message from my favourite cousin.

Image: cuddlecomfort