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Panda lamp 😂

Pho for lunch

The launch of Womenhood. The book that has my vulva and my story in it. I loved seeing Liv’s mum talking, hearing the cunt poems and being part of something quite great.


This bit of the text conversation from Field Studies in Digital Love in the Lenny email.
The tortoise in the office.
Pam getting us all together in the office and handing out crackers. It was so lovely and such a great way to end my last day in the office.


This dog stencil on the wall of the office I was in. Random and adorable

Walking across London Bridge with all the commuters, in the early morning sun. I think I was the only one grinning like a loon, excited to finally be one of those classic London commuters.

Writing the list of rules for the new company office. Including one that reads ‘call each other cunt if appropriate’