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Deciding to say something and it actually turning out well. I feel closer to him again.

Almost finished the curtains!

Housemates (nearly) altogether, watching Queer Eye. Such an adorbs old man.

Waiting for the bus in the brilliant sunshine. So lovely after weeks of grey.

Pressing the final curtain lining. Thank god! Now I can start sewing.

Voice messages from the Good Eggs. Especially Alec singing chinbone.

The beautiful sky on the walk to work this morning.

New Muji stationery. Whoops. Couldn’t help myself.

Pressing the curtains seams in the living room and hanging out with housemates.


Curtain arguments with Alec and Liam.
The ridiculously huge platter of meat. And the tastiest potatoes ever. Thanks Blacklock.
More of that delicious carrot cake. I could eat that everyday.


An email from Jo – bent willies, YouTube kissing tutorials and big hugs.
The singing dudes at the market.
I finally finished the curtains for the van and managed to find a way to put them up without them looking shit!